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Practical Bid Writing Skills For Businesses

Are you trying to retain that ‘must win’ contract? Do you need to improve your win rate for tenders? Are you trying to beat a competitor to secure a contract that’s going to come out to tender…

If you’ve answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these, why not boost your success potential in tenders by joining our Bid Writing Skills workshop?

Delivered by bid and tender support specialists Kate Skillman and Nigel Denison of Gimlet Associates Ltd, this workshop will show you how you can improve your win rate by making small changes in how you approach tenders. 

Content will include:
• Approach to bid writing: what makes a response score highly – and how you can achieve this
• Dealing with word counts: simple tactics to enhance your responses whilst cutting back on words
• Using existing bid responses: Do’s and Don’ts
• Presenting your bid: tips for positive impacts to increase your marks
• Perfect preparation prevents poor performance: Preparing to score high marks in key areas:
o Health & Safety
o Quality management/quality assurance
o Contract Mobilisation
o Contract Management & delivery
o IT (Information Technology) systems and reporting
o Social Value
o Sustainability 
o Innovation

Key details: 
Workshop format: fully online (Teams), attendees will be required to attend in ‘camera on’ mode to maximise participation. 
Duration: 1 hour

Who is this workshop for? 
Business leaders/employees that have experience and familiarity with tenders.

30 April 2024, 10.00am-11.00am


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