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Mindmap Productions

Mindmap Productions have had offices at the ergo business centre on the Bridgehead Business Park in Hessle, since 2019. At the end of 2020 they received support from the council’s Invest East Yorkshire team. They moved into a larger unit at the business centre and were able to create a new, high-end broadcasting unit. They applied for funds from The Supply Chain Network to help with its creation.

Event industry business Mindmap Productions faced growing adversity as a result of the pandemic. They knew that they had to make changes to enable their business to thrive.

By being part of The Supply Chain Network they could talk to their business advisor, Lianne Emery, and work through the most effective way to turn things around.

Lianne explained: “The company had ambitious plans to create a broadcasting suite, similar to a TV studio. Business networking and conferences were no longer an option unless it was virtual. The idea was to create an environment to film people with a background or virtual workplace dropped in behind them. They have an extensive network of presenters and actors, which would give businesses a cost-effective opportunity to get their message out with a professionally produced video or virtual conference. Following a business review it became clear that a significant investment both in time and money was needed. Peter and Paul at Mindmap had the time and we could identify and guide them through the grant assistance needed”.

Having gained the clarity of vision, Mindmap set to work putting their plans into action. Supported by the ergo team, they were able to move to a larger room to facilitate and create their new high end broadcasting unit. This has led to a turnaround in business. By adapting to what their clients need in a more virtual, remote working world, using green screen technology and creating state of the art videos.

Peter Hadfield, creative director/film producer at Mindmap said:

“The Supply Chain Network team guided us through the process and helped us to apply for the funds. We are now in a really strong position to offer a cutting edge facility unique to this region.”

Business partner, Paul Leeson-Taylor added:

“When the pandemic hit we lost half of our turnover, but gained a significant amount of time to develop our business. A negative situation was turned into a positive opportunity.”

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