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Dealing with Social Value and Sustainability Questions

Are you trying to retain that ‘must win’ contract? Do you need to improve your win rate for tenders? Are you trying to beat a competitor to secure a contract that’s going to come out to tender…

If you’ve answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these, you’ll be familiar with the ever-present questions on social value and sustainability in tenders. 

Social value and sustainability questions carry high score weightings – usually 10% of the tender score, sometimes more. However, they frequently present challenges to bidders for several reasons. This workshop will give you key insights into these two critical areas to help you understand some of the steps you can take to raise your marks in your social value and sustainability responses. 

Why is it so important to prepare for social value and sustainability questions in tenders? 

We’ll be answering this question and tackling other focus areas in the workshop, such as:

  • Understanding a tender’s social value response requirement: how to identify your target buyer’s social value and sustainability priorities.
  • Reviewing your social value and sustainability strategy: how to embed social value and sustainability in your organisation to improve your bid scores. 
  • Evidencing social value and sustainability in your bid responses to ensure evaluators give you the marks you deserve.
  • Relevant policies and procedures to support your social value/sustainability responses.

Fully interactive, this workshop will provide you with the opportunity to speak to experts about how you can make social value and sustainability work for you to improve your contract win rate.

Key details: 
Workshop format: fully online (Teams), attendees will be required to attend in ‘camera on’ mode to maximise participation. 
Duration: 1 hour

Who is this workshop for? 
Business leaders/employees that have experience and familiarity with tenders.

25 June 2024, 10.00am-11.00am


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