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Building a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

There comes a point for some businesses where it is time to develop a clear, coherent strategy around social media. This isn’t just about which channels, but how to use them effectively. Customer service, lead generation, brand building and more could feature as you develop a strategic approach to how you use the channels you’ve got.

In this FREE session will look at the principles to apply when developing this strategy.

We will provide you with notes from the session that will set out the steps required to develop a social media strategy that can work for your business.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Advanced level
  • This is a ‘Go Further’ workshop which is intended for more experienced professionals who have a good understanding of social media (and comms).
  • We will work with the group to explore how to create a social media strategy, including some of the key questions to ask to create a framework that colleagues can take away.

16 April, 12.30pm-4.30pm

Driffield Business Centre, Scotchburn Garth, Driffield, YO25 6EF

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